Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – All you Need to Know!

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – All you Need to Know!

  • What if it (New SDN Solution) dramatically reduces application access time and significantly improves the end-user experience with added security?
  • What if VC with MD & chairman never impacted? You would not need to worry about bandwidth & links going unstable.
  • What if all the IT staff in Lutyens bungalow & remote branches were leveraged for other important tasks?
  • What if you could leverage high-speed broadband links & 4G LTE in all remote locations for enterprise connectivity, and didn’t need to worry about unstable MPLS pipes?
  • What if you can prioritize business applications over social networking traffic? And this kind of QoS policy was automatically applied by the respective router at branches and HQ?
  • What if all this optimization were achieved without having to increase your bandwidth rather than WAN optimization creating room for additional traffic?
  • What if private application access is given without network access?
  • What if we mask applications from the internet with outbound connections?
  • What if we can go passwordless?
  • What if we can go VPN less?
  • What if you reduce the attack surface to the level where DDoS and Lateral Movement become the thing of the past?
  • What if you see roaming user’s visibility beyond IP address and port number?
  • What if it brings security and policy close to the user to eradicate unnecessary backhaul?
  • What if Proxy-based architecture were used for a full inspection of encrypted traffic at scale?
  • What if the Browser access service eliminates the need for a client on devices?
  • What if the internet becomes the enterprise’s new transport network?

Read my detailed blog on Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) here.

  • Discovery of shadow IT
  • App discovery
  • App usage reporting
  • App risk assessment
  • Configuration assessment

  • App access control
  • Data discovery and classification
  • Compliance reporting and remediation
  • Unmanaged device access control

  • Threat protection
  • Data protection
  • Encryption
  • Rights management
  • User anomaly detection
  • Workflow integration

  • SASE solution should have Continuous and effective threat prevention, detection, and automated response across your environment, Granular visibility into your users, apps, and data.
  • Advanced threat prevention over the network.
  • Threat detection and analysis by correlating risky configurations, anomalous user and network activity, host vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence gathered from multiple data sources.
  • Automated response to simplify security event triage.
  • Cloud context to expedite security investigations.

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