The Need For Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

The Need for Cloud Center of Excellence

The Need For Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

The CCOE is a functional team that is well versed in enterprise architecture, the duties of this team include determining cloud policy, provide guidance during cloud provider selection, and supporting solution architecture and workload placement, enhancing outcomes and managing risks. The CCoE team does not possess responsibilities as day-to-day operations nor do they do a role of project management. A CCoE team must not be outsourced, the following are the few action items that a CCoE does in an organization:

  • Aligning cloud offerings as per the larger organizational strategy
  • CCoE takes part in developing cloud governance, by designing reusable frameworks
  • Handling cloud knowledge and learning
  • Driving momentum across the organization
  • Managing cloud usage and plans for scale

Organizations can adopt a DIY approach to develop an operational and governance model parallel as they begin their cloud migration journey, or they can engage a third-party vendor which can help them create a CCoE. Locuz Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) addresses the core problems of the enterprises in a way that organizations can gain leverage across the enterprise & drive the wave of change that can truly transform the organization. 

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